by Kevin Schoon August 29, 2017
Financial Freedom

Every day I run into people I haven’t seen in a while. Upon asking them how they’ve been, I always get the same response. It’s usually something worded in the way like “I’m just getting by”, or “nothing much, how about you?”.  This common dialogue and a conversation with some older wiser gentlemen caused me to take a step back and ask myself, “do people find comfort in doing just enough”? I refer to this state of mind as “Poverty Consciousness”. Poverty Consciousness is way of thinking many of us to some extent can relate to. Especially those of us who’ve come from impoverished neighborhoods and financially disadvantaged families. It’s the kind of thinking where you accept your circumstances because they’re predictable and have just enough room for luxury with no added responsibility. Another phrase that refers to this is “being in a rut”. Don’t have time to read? Watch my video below:

  1. Learn A New Skill

    If you’re feeling stuck and can’t decide which direction to go, learning a new skill can help get you back on track. Companies are always looking for employees who are proficient in the Microsoft Suite. In fact, according to the International Data Company, Microsoft Office is one of the top 3 skills most desired by employers. These skills could boost your value in  the work force, making you less expendable should a company need to downsize. Knowledge is the currency of the day. You can learn Microsoft Office skills  here for FREE.

  2. Create A Vision Board

    Creating visual of how you envision your life can be instrumental in re-igniting the spark to achieve. If you don’t want to doit the old fashion way with an actual poser board, sites like Pinterest let you do so from your phone. There’s a direct link between the mind and body.  In  report by Psychology Today,  the brain patterns activated when a weightlifter lifts heavy weights are also similarly activated when the lifter just imagined (visualized) lifting weights. In other words if you plant the seed of achievement you’ll start to grow success.

  3. Change Your Environment

    When it comes to breaking out of Poverty Consciousness  sometimes all it may take is a change in scenery or routine.  If you’re like me and work a corporate job the week can become monotonous. Break out the time loop by going to social events. Meet new people and have new experiences. Not only could this lead to possible opportunities, it could call also help spur creativity. If you’re not into going out find a new hobby. You may learn you have latent interest or skills you didn’t know of. You can also read here about the types of people to avoid when trying to get ahead.

  4. Find A Mentor

    When you want to be successful it could help to study those who’ve traveled the road before you. Having a mentor to help guide you and bounce ideas off can provide fresh perspective and wisdom. While I don’t have physical mentors, I do take an hour  a day to listen to a Tedx Talk or watch a documentary on a prominent figure. You never know where’ll you’ll find inspiration. Read more about what makes a great mentor here.

  5. Take Responsibility

    This should have been #1 on this list, but it’s here nonetheless. Understanding everything starts and ends with you is key to subduing the Poverty Consciousness. Holding yourself accountable will help push your limits and make you more likely to succeed. Don’t be afraid of failure. Embrace regret. It will make you stronger and keep you honest when you set goals.

Poverty Consciousness is a state of mind which means it can be thought out of. It is your divine right to have the abundant life you desire. Don’t allow yourself to fall prey to the negativity. We all have hardships, but it’s how we handle those hard ships that makes us who we are. Become the best version of yourself you can be.


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